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Anti-Wrinkle Injections are performed for our clients by Dr. Romero, James Barrett and Kay Nuttall. These procedures are a non-surgical treatments. The product is injected into specific lines and wrinkles to give our clients a new ‘FRESH NOT FROZEN” appearance.

Dr. Romero from Anti-Aging and Associates has been performing treatments on clients for over 12 years, along with his allied injectors, they continue overseas and Australian training with leading worldwide companies, keeping up-to-date with the very latest ingredients and procedures, giving us the reputation of the Leading Anti-Aging Clinic on the Mornington Peninsula.

Anti-Aging & Associates have a strong belief, not all products, are for everyone. It is important to carry many and diverse brands and products (not copy products) to suit all requirements for their clients. Botox is a large part in the injectable business, but of course fillers such as Restylane and Juvaderm, and many more are popular also. Vital and Vital Light, along with Purlane are also used. Your Medical Injector MUST know their product, its outcomes and your medical history. Remember it is law in Australia to have a consultation with a doctor or his nurse practitioner before Botox can be used. Again, remember real Botox (not the copy).

One product does not fit all.

Remember, injectables are also used as Volumizers, filling out those aging “sunken” areas - providing a more youthful look. Neck areas are another popular area for treatment, together with backs of hands and decolletage (chest area). Frown Lines, Lift your brows, - Always being careful to look natural. - Never “over done”. That is our motto.

Acquiring the most natural, youthful outcome for our clients, may require small amounts of product on a regular basis, or simply a procedure each year. Everyone is different and their needs are different, and a specific plan for you should be discussed and put into action.

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Botox - Injectable

Ageing is a natural process which happens gradually over time.  When we thank about how our face changes we tend to focus on wrinkles that appear on the surface.  We can help ..

Botox is a natural, purified protein which targets wrinkle causing muscles and relaxes them to create a rejuvenated appearance.  BOTOX is a prescription only medicine and treatment should only be carried out from a qualified medical professional.

Botox is a non surgical procedure, where a small amount of BOTOX is administered into selected areas of facial muscle – by our trained medical staff using a very fine needle.  The treatment starts taking effect in 2 – 3 days as is usually complete within 7 – 10 days.

Botox has been used in Australia for over 20  years, and was first used in Australia for movement disorders (eye and face) in 1993 and for eye spasms and crossed eyes in 1991.

Injectable Fillers

There are a range of injectable Dermal fillers on the market in Australia.  Some, for example RESTYLANE have been used for over 15 years here in Australia.  Injectable fillers, unlike Botox, is placed below the skins surface to literally “fill in” or “plump up” the static wrinkles and folds that are present at rest, creating a smoother and more refreshed appearance.

Fresh not frozen is our motto

Volume over the years is lost from our faces also, and Volume Restoration with injectable solutions has an outstanding lifting effect and plumps areas for again, a fresh new look. Youthful but never over done.

One size does not fit all - injecting experience matters;


With our emphasis on looking natural, not “done” or “frozen” our Medical injectors, at Anti-Aging & Associates in Mount Eliza,  personalize your treatment plan both affordably and with the very best outcome in mind.

With Spring fast approaching it is time to think about looking and feeling  your best. Providing a comprehensive range of Anti Wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers – YES YOU HAVE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE .. Blah Blah, but at Anti-Aging in Mount Eliza Dr. Romero,  Kay Nuttall and James Barrett  (5yrs)  have been performing in our Medical clinic for over 10 years and continue to attend  the very latest training both in Australia and overseas,  taking into account, not only new and improved products available, but new techniques as they advance.

James Barrett also, apart from personalized Lip enhancements and treatment plans for his current clients, assists his large and expanding Asian clientele, and has for many years, and still does, inject in an Asian clinic in Melbourne.  James brings to Mt. Eliza those advanced skills it takes to “sculpt” a face and enhance gradually and naturally. Google James Barrett Cosmetic Injector (James is about to complete his nurse Practitioner)

Not to be outdone – Kay Nuttall -  also in the completion stages of her studies as Nurse Practitioner can be found by googling ;- Kay Nuttall Cosmetic Injector.  With Kay’s continuing reach for perfection, her ability to  look at your face and in her gentle fashion, and smile, lift, soften and improve your enhancement, without having her clients look “done” is outstanding.  Make an appointment to see Kaye and experience her EXPERTISE for yourself.

REMEMBER – PLEASE attend a Medical clinic where the doctors and staff have the knowledge, the experience, and understand your medical history, and your medications, and are within the law… to give you the outcome you r are looking for.  Remember….”copy” products are out there, very cheap, simply be educated, spend your money on long lasting results. 

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