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The truth about skin improvement

If you are experiencing clogging (milia)..for simplicity they look like small white golf balls under the skin.  You are using an ingredient which is mixing with your oil and causing a plug.  Yes it can be that simple.  Hormones do create the oil..TRUE…Hormones do not cause the clogging.

Ingredients in products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair gels and mud, dry shampoo, cleaners, moisturizers, make up, hand cream etc. etc. Can cause milia ..TRUE . They can mix with your oil to form the plug.

Redness, Rosacea, Vascular Nose - We have the answer

Red veins on your cheeks, nose or chin etc. can be the bain of our lives.  Men with veins accross  their cheeks and noses, mainly due to sun exposure, also complain of their redness.  Here at Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy – Advanced Skin & IPL Clinic we can “simply make them disappear”.

Vitamin A Skincare - Did you know

There is a great deal of false information around about Vitamin A for the skin. They are not all the same. Prescription topical Vitamin A products contain retinoic acid. Non prescription vitamin A derivatives need to be converted by the skin to retinoic acid. In these non prescription Vitamin A products, “says Adelle” from Advanced Skin & Laser, “Retinol is the only one worth  using”.

Retinol is more gentle on the skin, and may take longer to see results,  but basically does the same as retinoic prescription products, without the harshness to the surface skin tissue.

Updates on Beauty Industry Trends

After attending last year, the Annual Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine Conference, Sue Verheyen and Adele Simic from Advanced Skin & Laser  noted subtle trends and major trends in the direction of consumer expectation and the “latest” technological advances in the Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Industry.

Primarily says Sue “ it is well noted advances in multiple technology treatments is leading way with regard  to pigmentation, dullness, and the healthy look of clearer skin without sun damage showing our age, taking years from our skin.

The Skin Barrier

The skin is the largest organ of the body. We human beings do not think of the skin as being one of the most important organs, with the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas taking priority over it. Our skin is the outer barometer of what is happening on the inside of our bodies. If there is an irritation, dryness, rosacea, blockage or rash our skin lets us know our internal homeostasis is out of balance, or an ingredient we are using on our skin is not right for us.

You get what you pay for

Do know what you are having injected into your body? Cheap “muscle relaxant” injections from Asia are available everywhere these days. Yes, it only costs about $9 per unit or less, but you will require more units to achieve the same result as a product such as Botox, which is medically approved for these procedures. So, $15 per unit x 10 units of Botox, or $9 per unit x 20 units of an Asian product – you do the maths. And government-approved Botox lasts longer, in the opinion of our clients.

Men are from mars

We all know men are different from women, physically, emotionally and mentally. Men are also slightly different from women when it comes to their skin. There are many similarities but the differences include the epidermis and dermis being thicker, higher sensitivity, increased production of oil or sebum, larger pores, more facial hair and of course a different hormonal structure. Skin issues specifically related to shaving, such as ingrown hairs, dryness and razor burn also challenge men.

Reshape your body permanently

Advanced Skin & Laser, with over 17 years experience within the industry continues to keep abreast of the latest technology. Cooling treatments for sculpting the body (permanent fat reduction) have been available for several years, but now the NEW GENERATION of equipment have been proven to deliver even better results at a better price as a bonus, using Fat Freezing to remove dead fat cells and sculpt your body’s contours.

Getting the right balance

Injectables are an amazing tool.  The power a little needle can yield to fill in lines and erase wrinkles almost instantly is extraordinary. The simplicity of this fast and relatively pain free treatment is brilliant.

How great it is that we no longer have to live with crow’s feet, lines around our mouths or even flat cheeks. Youth can be restored in seconds.  Probably not enough of us take advantage of this amazing tool.