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As Discussed last month, there are many non-surgical products which deliver RESULTS, not promises.

Firstly, rosacea: at Advanced Skin & Laser we have assisted hundreds of our clients over many years, helping them to control their rosacea. It’s important to say rosacea cannot be “cured” but controlled, YES. Feel better about yourself. We have the answers – you need to make your appointment. There are many false promises out there. WE WILL DELIVER.

Next, skin tags and fibromas (Sue says barnacles): do not simply burn barnacles off your skin leaving white marks, have your skin feeling smooth like a baby’s bum. We use LAM probe; you can check this on Google, Again Sue and Adele have been performing this procedure for over many many years. It is not new … it does deliver results.

Photo dynamic therapy (PDT) has been performed in medical clinics for over 20 years. It is used successfully, in experienced hands, for the removal of roughly dry skin patches, often seborrheic keratosis. Foreheads and noses are particularly risk of this type of sun damage. But be warned, choose your clinic well. Obviously at Advanced Skin & Laser and then we take care of the rest. Again, smooth as a baby’s bum.

Do not put up with redness, rosacea, barnacles on the skin, dry patches, uneven skin colour, sun damage. Phone 9787 7475 for consultation on those difficult-to-move fat deposits using Cryo Slim. Yes, it works. Sounds too good to be true, we know, in fact it does work.