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Injectables are an amazing tool.  The power a little needle can yield to fill in lines and erase wrinkles almost instantly is extraordinary. The simplicity of this fast and relatively pain free treatment is brilliant.

How great it is that we no longer have to live with crow’s feet, lines around our mouths or even flat cheeks. Youth can be restored in seconds.  Probably not enough of us take advantage of this amazing tool.

Injections for hydration in the skin are brilliant but unfortunately, as with many procedures, there are those who employ a heavy handed approach, and we are entering a time when we have noticed some faces start to morph into a swollen and almost deformed look which is waxy and puffy. These people are no longer ageless – they have crossed the line from refreshed to ridiculous.

Most people who turn to cosmetic injections are looking for a natural look. They want to look the same, only refreshed and healthy.  The best way to achieve long term natural results with cosmetic injections is to use combination therapy – an advanced and interested Aesthetician, and an experienced injector.

It is important to treat the texture, sun damage, skin laxity and colour of the skin in conjunction with the wrinkles, looking at the face and skin as one.  One of the most common signs of ageing is sun damage in the form of discolouration and broken red blood vessels.  Cosmetic injections will not treat these concerns, so while injectables will make the skin look smoother, more plump and firm, the remainder of the face could be showing strong give away signs of ageing.

The best results are those which refresh you, keep you from looking tired and haggard and solve your problems.  Overdoing it can actually make you look older. Some laugh lines and crow’s feet show your human side.

A healthy, hydrated skin will respond better to appearance-enhancement treatments.  By improving the hydration levels of the skin as well as collagen density through Herbal Peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermal Roller treatments (skin needling), IPL skin rejuvenation, LED facials etc. Along with home care, advanced aesthetic therapists can play a key role to ensuring a better, longer lasting treatment result.  At Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy we use a lot of LED light therapy in our facials.  LED offers  benefits with acne bacteria, calming the skin from inflammation and supporting skin rejuvenation.  Also IPL for its photo-rejuvenation benefits is outstanding.

Visit Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy – enjoy a facial with microdermabrasion and discuss your concerns with an Advanced Therapist who can advise you on skin treatments, whilst Dr. Romero, Lara Boardman  or  Anita East   from Anti-Aging & Associates can advise you on your requirements with injectables.  Available, Monday, Thursday, Thursday night and Fridays (Saturdays monthly).

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