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IPL Hair Removal is an effective procedure  for progressively permanent hair removal, in all areas of the body, depending on skin colour and hair colour.  The “target” for IPL Hair Removal is the colour in the hair root.  Short bursts of energy (pulses) are delivered to the hair follicle heating  the area where the hair is nourished from, thus when this area is destroyed by heat, the hair can no longer grow. A simple explanation.

IPL Hair Removal varys from laser hair removal  because IPL uses  pulses of light, not a continuous beam, and also IPL uses several ranges of light frequencies, rather than a single frequency. At Advanced Paramedical Skin and Laser we have used both methods, over several years,   and after performing IPL Hair Removal for over 11 years - the results stand for themselves.

IPL Hair Removal results  are dependant  on the "Power" of the machine being used, and the experience of the operator.  Many “cheap” IPL units are on the market, low powered, (no grunt) and more treatments are required, with little satisfaction.

A Medical Grade Machine  - Quantum - used in many medical centres, provides you with long term results, within 6 - 8 treatments, performed by experienced, well trained technicians, who know their  equipment, along with years of experience in hair removal and skin types. 

The importance in the IPL Hair Removal arena is not simply “firing your machine at the follicle” with little or no knowledge of skin and hair, but Advanced Therapists with the long term knowledge and training  in  hair removal procedures and  accurate advice on the best method for you,    Not a sales pitch - correct, informed advice for the best outcome for our clients.

A test patch is required, with an initial consultation -  At Advanced Paramedical Skin and Laser there is no charge for your consultation.  Advice will be provided on how and when to proceed.  If you are not suitable for IPL Hair Removal we are honest - we will advise you on other procedures available.

 Advanced Paramedical Skin and Laser has been assisting our clients for over 17 years with hair removal procedures, including laser and IPL.  Honest advice, with a trained expert equals a good outcome for all.

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