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There is a great deal of false information around about Vitamin A for the skin. They are not all the same. Prescription topical Vitamin A products contain retinoic acid. Non prescription vitamin A derivatives need to be converted by the skin to retinoic acid. In these non prescription Vitamin A products, “says Adelle” from Advanced Skin & Laser, “Retinol is the only one worth  using”.

Retinol is more gentle on the skin, and may take longer to see results,  but basically does the same as retinoic prescription products, without the harshness to the surface skin tissue.

Pro-retinols such as retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate and retinyl linoleate etc.  are much weaker and do very little for the skin.

Vitamin A works by normalising skin function. Prescription strength Vitamin A in many cases have side effects including sun sensitivity, irritation, redness and drying.  Your skilled skin technician should know these difference and be able to advise you.  Topical Vitamin A should be  potent and effective enough to see an improvement, without the irritation. You will love it and see results.  Your experienced technician should explain the delivery system differences between products and advise WARNING – If pregnant do not use Vitamin A products on your skin.

Aging is inevitable. You can help to reduce the physical signs of aging of the hands, chest and face and body skin.  There is no one magic bullet. We often have see clients who believe one injection of Botox/Dysport, or one syringe of filler such as Restalyn is the answer. You must also consider skin colour, tone and texture.

Example, the hands can be treated outstandingly with IPL to reduce brown discolouration, and then follow up could be injection with the new Teoxane which will help plump the skin and assist hydration. (will be approved by TGA July) and suitable for all areas of the skin.

Remember to combine treatments such as IPL, paramedical skincare, sunscreen and injectables, together with other modalities for an outstanding result on hands, chest and face.  But remember IPL for back and shoulders is outstanding.

Lastly speak to Adelle re our new fading products and peels,  especially for hormonal pigment and those hard to remove brown spots…not over-the-counter broken promises.  Receive the results you pay for. Nothing is more aging than brown or red spots and veins on the skin, showing our age and neglect over time. TURN IT AROUND NOW;  Phone 9787 7475 – Advanced Skin & Laser