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Do know what you are having injected into your body? Cheap “muscle relaxant” injections from Asia are available everywhere these days. Yes, it only costs about $9 per unit or less, but you will require more units to achieve the same result as a product such as Botox, which is medically approved for these procedures. So, $15 per unit x 10 units of Botox, or $9 per unit x 20 units of an Asian product – you do the maths. And government-approved Botox lasts longer, in the opinion of our clients.

At Anti-Aging & Associates, we inject the correct number of units for the best results without being frozen or uneven. Make sure you attend a reputable medical practitioner for injectables.

After eight IPL treatments for hair removal, our clients do not return with hair for further removal. We guarantee our results. We do not turn our equipment down so you need more treatments, and we do not blame hormones. Our staff at Advanced Skin & Laser are thoroughly trained to deliver outstanding long lasting permanent results.

Skin rejuvenation with IPL is another area where over-treatment is a problem in some clinics. After one or two treatments at Advanced Skin you see your new fresh skin. We recommend a yearly treatment to keep those outstanding results. Additional treatments can be useful for further collagen stimulation, but in most cases are not necessary.

See our remarkable permanent fat reduction results for yourself. Using the very latest updated equipment, book now and experience our spring specials. It’s pain-free with no downtime. Yes up to 25% of your fat cells gone in one treatment. Visit the professionals at Advanced Skin & Laser and Anti Aging & Associates, the trusted clinics where we have been caring for our clients and delivering outstanding results for over 35 years. HONESTY IS OUR ONLY POLICY. Phone 9787 7475 for an appointment now. By Sue Verheyen