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A non-surgical guide to treatments delivering results, not promises, from your clinic – Advanced Skin & Laser, continuing to deliver outstanding visible results.

First, Dermapen, also known as microneedling. Do not mistake for dermal roller. Microneedling, using an electric pen containing micro-fine sterile, disposable needles, is a paramedical treatment for triggering your skin’s own healing process, giving you younger-looking skin by stimulation your collagen. Excellent for acne scarring.

Advanced Skin & Laser first includes low-density IPL facial rejuvenation using topical anaesetic, followed by microneedling with infusion of stem cells. Outstanding? Yes. Costly? No. Compare our prices and be pleasantly surprised.

Second, dermal fillers are often mistaken as being the same as anti-wrinkle injection, despite both being used in facial rejuvenation, dermal fillers contain a molecule to provide volume and contouring with lifting, lasting from nine to 24 months. Anti-wrinkle injections contain a natural, purified protein made from bacteria in the laboratory, similar to the way penicillin is made from mold. These injections relax muscles which cause wrinkles, lasting two to four months.

Downtime is minimal, giving you a more youthful you. Build your confidence, feel rejuvenated, with experienced injectors with over 10 years’ experience at Anti-Aging & Assoc.

Sue Verheyen at 65 admits having a “little top-up” each year, feeling fresh and youthful, to match body and soul. Sue says, “I may be getting older, but I do not need to look in the mirror and remind myself. I feel great; I enjoy feeling youthful.” No obvious signs of over treatment, says Sue. We have all seen some of “those” but not in our clinic.

Third, the body. Focused fat freezing fat reduction is a unique, not-invasive cryotherapy treatment creating a vacuum to draw the fat into the handpiece, freezing fat cells and causing them to crystallise. Between 20-25 per cent of the cells naturally disposed of through the body’s waste system over the next six to 12 weeks using Cryo Slim, the latest technology in cryo freeze therapy, requiring one treatment per area only. No discomfort while also tightening the skin in those hard to move areas. Phone 9787 7475 now for a consultation.

Wait for next month – more information on non-surgical treatments which deliver. The truth and only the truth – Advanced Skin & Laser, 5 old Mornington Rd, Mount Eliza. By appointment only.

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