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Injectables are an amazing tool. The power a needle can yield to fill in lines and erase wrinkles almost instantly is extraordinary. How great is it that we no longer have to live with crow’s feet, lines around our mouths or even flat cheeks Youth can be restored in seconds. With our emphasis on looking natural, not “done” or frozen, our medical injectors at Anti-Aging & Assoc in Mt Eliza personalise your treatment plan both affordably with the very best outcome in mind.

The time is now. YES YOU HAVE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE, Blah Blah, but at Anti-Aging in Mt Eliza Dr. Romero and James Barrett have been assisting their patients for over 12 years, while continuing to attend the very latest training both here and overseas, taking into account not only new and improved products, but new techniques. Dr. Romero and James are both trainers in this field.

James Barrett, apart from personalised treatment plans for his clients, or simply crow’s feet assists his large and expanding Asian and male clientele. James brings to Mt Eliza those advanced skills it takes to sculpt a face and enhance gradually and naturally.

It is important to treat the texture, sun damage etc of the skin, in conjunction with wrinkles, looking at the face and skin as one. At Advanced Skin & Laser, Adele and Sue assist through IPL facial treatments, LED Facials, Dermal Roller Needling and much more. NEXT – Skin tags and fibromas (Sue says Barnacles), Have your skin feeling smooth like a baby’s bum. REMOVE THEM using LAM probe. Put yourself in EXPERIENCED HANDS. Phone 9787 7475 for an appointment.

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