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“Again,” as Sue and Adele from Advanced Skin & Laser say, “make sure you get the results you are paying for, not hype – only tried or proven.” Sue and Adele have been using CIT – Collagen Induction Therapy – for over 10 years, and our clients return each year for a few sessions as they notice the results and build upon them.

CIT – commonly called skin needling – is a procedure using disposable medical-grade stainless steel needles in a disposable pen system to assist regeneration of cells by maximising stimulation and penetration of cell nutrients. At Advanced Skin & Laser we combine many modalities including collagen stimulation with IPL, CIT and peels often in one treatment. “Of course, you need years of experience with all skin types for this and education is the key.”

BENEFITS: Minimise fine lines, reduce pore size and texture, scar reduction, painless nd no risk of burning or scarring, assisting firming of the skin.

SOLUTION-DRIVEN SKIN CARE: While Sue Verheyen was overseas earlier this year, studying and learning the latest treatments from around the world, she decided to introduce Retinol Dual-Phase Power Peel by Dr Murad.

Sue did training and observation in Dr Murad’s Dermatology Centre over 20 years ago in Los Angeles. Sue says: “Obtaining training in ingredients with a medical percentage and pH, not fluffy, achieving fantastic results, was extremely difficult 20 years ago. Dr Murad was ahead of his time with ALA, peels, and skin care, apart from obviously his dermatology clinic treatments.”

Adele previously undertook training with Murad Australia, and as a team they are adding some paramedical procedures to Advanced Skin & Laser. Both CIT – skin needling – and retinol address concerns with fine lines, loss of firmness, acne and scarring etc. See out spring specials.

Do not forget to book for your injectables with Anti-Aging & Associated for spring. Assisting the Peninsula to look naturally refreshed for over 15 years. Phone 9787 7475 now for an appointment.

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