Redness, Rosacea, Vascular Nose – We have the answer

Red veins on your cheeks, nose or chin etc. can be the bain of our lives.  Men with veins accross  their cheeks and noses, mainly due to sun exposure, also complain of their redness.  Here at Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy – Advanced Skin & IPL Clinic we can “simply make them disappear”.

Sue Verheyen, Proprietor and Laser Technician has been assisting her clients with these complaints for many years, as Sue herself has suffered herself with acne rosacea. “  The results are outstanding” says Sue.  Correct management at home, treatment in the clinic for two or three sessions and you can have a brand new skin.  50% of the clients are men – it is serious skin problem.

Rosacea cannot be cured, but extensively controlled with the correct  treatment and advice, and removal of the “red vascular” vessels, gives a fresh new look. 

PIGMENT –  With their new “Light Therapy” treatment introduced last year for pigmentation, clients at Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy are returning for “relaxing” facials thrilled with their appearance.  “Pigmentation control has come a long way in the past two years” says Sue, “as well as sebhoraic keratosis” and age spots.  Home care is essential, again along with clinical treatment”.

SPECIAL WINTER SKIN BOOSTER  –  Dr. Romero and his staff at 5 Old Mornington Road, are offering a Winter Booster – Deep Skin Hydrating Injectables to increase skin firmness and skin smoothness for a healthier and fresher appearance.  –  Make an appointment as find out for yourself – Look younger without looking Frozen – Natural is the word we all want to hear. (save $550.00)

Phone 9787 7475  for your appointments – Hair Removal, Skin Treatments, Pigment or Injectable advice. Etc.   We are here for you.  Mt. Eliza Beauty Therapy, Advanced Skin and IPL Clinic.  PH 9787 7475  – The Serious Skin Care Clinic – Mt Eliza.

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