The truth about skin improvement

If you are experiencing clogging (milia)..for simplicity they look like small white golf balls under the skin.  You are using an ingredient which is mixing with your oil and causing a plug.  Yes it can be that simple.  Hormones do create the oil..TRUE…Hormones do not cause the clogging.

Ingredients in products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair gels and mud, dry shampoo, cleaners, moisturizers, make up, hand cream etc. etc. Can cause milia ..TRUE . They can mix with your oil to form the plug.

Is one of the products, or a few of the products you use, or your teenager uses, contain these clogging agents, mainly derived from coconut derivatives. Our education at Advanced Skin & Laser is about what NOT TO USE… not an upsell on more products.  Many times you can reduce pimples with a product ..TRUE…but they come back.

It is time for pimples and clogging to stop coming back. It can be done..TRUE. 

“One very important things I pass onto clients with Clogging, and pimples is try a completely natural tablet called. B5.  It is available on the internet. I have no financial, or any other connection with this product.. simply it works to reduce oil in teenagers especially. TRUE” Says Adelle.

“Please check with your doctor or naturopath if you have concerns about any medication” says Sue Verheyen,” but this oral natural product has blown me away and assisted with quicker results, even in cycstic acne. I am currently testing their skin products, which some I find may not be helpful for milia, but certainly assists cycstic spots”. TRUE

At Advanced Skin & Laser, our extensive consultation for clogging, acne, and cystic acne are $25.00 redeemable on a treatment.  “Adelle and I do not keep you coming back and back..TRUE..the results are there from the first is up to the client to simply follow their instructions, and stop some of their many, many wrong products at home.  If your homecare is fine, we will tell you and be honest..TRUE. This is not about sales, it is about RESULTS.”says Adelle.

Remember, Spring is the perfect time of the year to remove the brown, red and ugly spots from the skin with a professional IPL technician, who has had over 35 years experience with the treatment of skin problems. Rosacea.  TRUE.. we can help…Brown spots…Red viens… TRUE…we will give good honest and helplful treatments and advice. Simply remove the skin tags and “barnacles” from the skin.   See the clinic you can TRUST…Advanced Skin & Laser.. phone now 9787 7475 for an appointment.

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