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At Advanced Skin & Laser we ask, look in the mirror, do you want to improve your lines around your mouth forehead, side of eyes etc. often just a small amount of a product such as Botox will do the job, looking natural, performed by our long-term qualified injectors.

Dr Romero has been looking after his clients for over 10 years her in Mt Eliza, along with James for over five years, Experience and understanding are essential when it comes to your appearance medicine. Anti-Aging & Associated, the talented injectors you can trust. 9787 7475

Trust and experience are an issue in the “Beauty” industry, says Sue Verheyeh, from Advanced Skin & Laser. With over 35 years’ experience in skin issued, product ingredients, honest products which do deliver, as well as IPL and laser to name a few, Sue hears of so, so many false promises from companies, for large amounts of money, with no real result.
Always ask questions. Whether it is a Botox of Filler treatment, Fat Freezing, or simple removal of a red vein, make sure you are honestly a candidate for the treatment, ensuring the results you are paying for and visualising.

Permanent Hair Reduction is a prime example. If a clinic is honest, they should advise if your hair removal will be required to be re-treated every year. At Advanced Skin & Laser NO NEED for re-treating. Our high-end medical equipment “has the grunt”, says Adele. No ongoing treatment once your 6-8 treatments are finished. No yearly trek back to us. If it is not permanently done the job, we follow up and finish with no charge completion. There are always a few clients who need an extra zap, but we stand by our results. After over 17 years with laser and IPL experience we stand by our promises.

Facial rejuvenation using IPL is outstanding. Take the “toast” layer off your face and body. Remove your sun damage and experience A NEW YOU. Now is the time – phone 9787 7475 for an appointment.

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